Best api for your discord bots. Made with love by aggelos007

Fast Response Time

The response time of this api is as fast as possible using our hosting service to secure fast results and high uptime


Each endpoint of the api is customizable at the fullest with users being able to customize the endpoint to their own likes


Agg-API is begginer friendly with a lot of codes to use the API are displayed in our community

Online 24/7

This API is running 24/7 without any problems and has 100% uptime most of the time

No Ratelimits

No more worries on ratelimits! You can use the endpoints whenever you want with no Ratelimites

Suggest Us

Agg-API would love to hear your suggestions and it would consider everything you tell us. Just click on the button, login with discord and leave your suggestion without having to join our server and we will be glad to read it.

What you waiting for?

What you waiting for? Start your journey and use Agg-API now! Click the button below to get redirected to docs. With few lines of code make your favourite bot into the best tool with this cool API.

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